Stefan Kert - Software engineering without a cape

My name is Stefan Kert. I am a Software Developer and Data Engineer. In my day to day life I like to make people´s life easier. I try to achieve this with different things. Maybe with a new shiny tool that let´s you automate some of the steps you need to do day by day or with a data analysis of the current incoming data to give you deeper knowledge about your customers needs.

I´m privileged to work in a industry that is filled with some of the smartest people on our planet. I really love to give back some of the things that these people have given me by creating things that can be used by others or just helping people with their issues for example on Stack Overflow.

From the beginning of my career I tried to get my hands into opensource and I´ve created some projects. One of the widest used is BuildVision which currently has more then 42k downloads! Insane!

Something that I really want to do is give back something to the people that make our life so much easier day by day. Therefore I have contributed in many different Opensource projects for example StackExchange.Exceptional, NSubstitute and some of the Microsoft docs, just to name a few of them.

You can find me on Twitter, Stack Overflow, and on GitHub.