Stefan Kert - Software engineering without a cape

Classical Development

This is probably the field I got most experience with. Especially with the .NET Stack I have been working for a pretty long time now. C#, WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core just to name a few of them. I am familiar with most of the facto standard technologies in the Microsoft environment.

Web Development

In the last years I have gotten more and more into the field of Web Development. Most of this time has been spent within the Angular (1 & x) ecosystem. Lately I´ve spent some time getting familiar with Vue. Just to have it in here I am mentioning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I´ve worked a lot with this trio and I love JavaScript. I have to admit that I can see the issues some people have with it, but there is a solution: TypeScript. TypeScript is the perfect harmony between typesafety and fast development.

Data analysis

One of the fields where I have been learning a lot to get better is data analysis. I love getting knowledge from data and visualizing my knowledge with Tools like Power BI. I also enjoy working with Python to create simple neuronal networks.